Wetskills in Wet Environments



Wetskills-Colombia 2024 – Day 2 –

After a first day focused on getting to know each other and the campus of Universidad Tecnológica de Bolivar, the challenge of Day 2 was to dive into the topics and experience Cartagena’s real water problems.

The day began with an introduction from the case owners about their case. It was a short interaction where participants focused on learning about the real challenge or “pain” of the case.

In the afternoon, we went to one of the tallest buildings in Cartagena for a great overview of all the water figures in the city. Professor Mauro Antonio Maza-Chamorro, Associate Professor in the field of adaptation to climate change in coastal areas, explained the different bodies of water around the bay and the problems the bay faces due to sea level rise combined with subsidence.

And of course, because Wetskills is all about water: once we got up on the roof, the sky darkened very quickly, and not much later the sky opened up and it poured rain through the streets in huge amounts at once. As soon as we returned to the university, the streets were flooded and it was time to end Day 2: with another water experience in their backpacks.

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