Water is the fabric of Cartagena’s culture and society



Wetskills-Colombia 2024 – Blog day 3 –

In the morning, we went on a tour around Cartagena’s water system; visiting the inner bay, the coastal protection sight of La Bocagrande, and Caño Juan Angola. It was amazing to see the different water bodies and how they interrelate with Cartagena’s culture and industry.

The city is surrounded by water and shaped by it. Rapid urban expansion compounded by climate change results in several water management challenges, such as sea level rise, floods, and declining water quality. The city is addressing these challenges from different perspectives, e.g., large coastal protection measures, water transport, and flood protection measures. Technology, knowledge, and innovation are present in Cartagena; however, complex stakeholder dynamics, challenging spatial planning situations, and urgency to act can challenge long-term solution development in the face of climate change.

In the afternoon, we met several water experts from the Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar in a brain hurricane setting to further our plan and approach. They shared their collective wisdom with us and broadened our view. The different Wetskills teams are eager to learn more and put their knowledge into practice.

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