When cultural diversity met the natural diversity



By Noshin Saiyara


From the idea of thinking independently together Wetskills introduced us to the wide range of diversity. May this be in culture or in nature. Joining Wetskills was all about getting an opportunity to see this diversity up close and travelling to Sirajgonj with people from different culture was something which I was really looking forward to. 7th July was the last day of the tour. The dream project “The Amphibious House” was inaugurated.



The boat journey to reach the site with people of different cultures who never experienced that before was a great fun and the nature invited our foreign guests with a beautiful rain. Having a boat ride in the rain was a mesmerizing experience.

Then a short but very informative discussion session happened in the Polytechnic Institute followed by a lunch party together.


And as they all says all good things come to an end very quickly. This journey ended up with a train ride to Dhaka by giving loads of experiences and tons of memories.

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