City of River



By Fairooz Tasnim Tori


After a long tiring journey at previous day, Sirajganj welcome us with banquet of green and blue serenity.

The day was planned to visit the flood related project areas of Sirajganj. At first we went to nearby village to visit the floating seed bed which has been mainly designed to protect the crop during flood. Most of the low lands of the village were submerged by the rain water. The little children were swimming and playing in those areas. The whole road work as embankment for the village. In one part of the road geo soil bag was used as embankment.



A floating house and saniproofing (a floating sanitary latrine) has been made in the village as a part of CORE project. This flood friendly unit was floating in water logged area.

A retrofit house which has floating floor has also been made for experimental purpose. Finally we visit the cotton cloth weaving industries and end our journey to take a break for lunch.

After getting some rest we went to the hard point of Sirajgani and enjoy the turbulent but serene beauty of the mighty Jamuna River by one hour boat riding. All of us took photos together by drone.


The beautiful journey for that day end by visiting crossbar-3 area. We came back to our rest house. After reporting, we had our dinner by ourselves. The whole day was hectic due to hot sun but the cool breeze of Jamuna River at the end of the day washed away all the tiredness.

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