Water sommeliers



Wetskills-South Korea 2018 – It is the third day in Korea and our second field trip. This was a perfect opportunity to continue our team-building and know each other better before the actual work starts. “K-water” – one of the Wetskills partners and case owner organized a visit to the headquarter, which is located in Daejen. From Seoul, it took more than 2 hours to get there. Because of traffic, we arrived later than it was planned and went directly to a small and cozy traditional restaurant. The lunch was impressive. There were “pancakes” from vegetables, smoked duck and an absolute favorite dish of the day – Maesaengi soup.



After lunch, we got a very warm welcome from the “K-water” employees.  Above all, the “K-water” director came to meet our delegation to shake hands. Further as a part of our excursion, we visited a start-up hub, where people can work on their innovative water-related projects. There we learned how the “K-water” operates a water network in Korea and saw a control room, where all data are collected and analyzed. We also visited research facilities and had a chance to try 4 different water and choose a best tasted one as water sommeliers. Further, we went to the lab and saw how water quality is controlled.



After a long day full of useful information, dinner and  Korean karaoke were waiting for us. Singing “Gangnam style” all together was the perfect ending of the second teambuilding day.



Ekaterina (Katja) Isupova

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