Virtual Challenge: Is it as fun as an offline event….?



W@tskills South Africa 2021 by

Nkhensani Tshidzumba, Awodwa Magingi, Lindelwa Ndhlovu (South Africa)

Janne Brouwers and Renate Heemskerk (Netherlands)


25th of February: Name Pronunciation!

Unfortunately we didn’t start our journey in the car or plane to meet each other; we met online and started to know each other a little bit better. “HI EVERYONE” Everybody introduces themselves with a picture and in the meanwhile the energy of Odwa Ntsika Mtembu (one of the supervisors) is blowing through our screens. The participants were allocated the case studies and were able to meet their members for the first time.

Plenary- Trying to pronounce different names

How do these look like?! You will see some awesome pics below. Sometimes you will see the joy but also the serious approach and listening style is visible on our faces! We also talked with our case owners. So many ideas were shared, that at the end, your head was spinning around.


26th of February: Brain Fart

Time for Brain Hurricane! Pulling questions out of our brains and asking questions to experts. This was literally a hurricane for your brain! We just got to know our teams and our cases, and now they are throwing us into the lion’s den.   “CAN YOU HEAR ME” An expert struggling to connect to his internet while sharing his experiences with the young professionals. We survived all six rounds and got a little wiser. Time flew by! Funny Fact someone from team 1 had her car fixed during lunchbreak, however she was told by the guy who fixed it to drive her car for at least an hour. So, she drove for one hour with an almost empty tank, thinking about questions whilst driving and hoping the car would not run out of gas in the meanwhile….


OH NOOO, The Lion’s Den!



              “CAN YOU HEAR ME”








27th of February: Work and Wine!

You are also learning quite a few things like:

Everything goes down better with a DRINK!
  • Contacting your case owner that is celebrating a birthday is a little harder than without a birthday.
  • Different cultures.
  • Wine on a Saturday while finishing the action plan, worked out well “EVERYTHING GOES DOWN BETTER WITH A DRINK”

Socializing is happening online but also in person in respective towns.


1st of March: Business is not sexy at all!

Fresh and fruity, we start again on our Central Zoom. More work for us! Learning how to make a business model. Still the competition is on! Everybody wants to win! “DON’T THINK SMALL”

Don’t think small

We wish the rest of the Wetskills 2021 group best of luck, for the rest of the week!

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