Unity and compassion that define our team



Jordan, 15 august 2023 – blog by Ahed Dabbas, Palestine –

Hello, I’m Ahed Dabbas from Palestine. I’m a civil engineer, I’m working as a full-time engineer at Nuba Municipality. And I’m working a part-time for non-revenue water at JSC.

The morning started bright and early at 7 AM, with me waking up feeling well-rested and ready to seize the day. After a quick change of clothes, I made my way to the hotel’s restaurant for breakfast at 8 AM.

The breakfast was quite satisfying, featuring a variety of items including cheese, eggs, hummus, and a Hot cup of tea. Fueled and ready to go, our team gathered to head over to ACWUA, the location of our training and activities for the day.

However, as we geared up for the day, a surprise twist awaited us: some of our teammates were feeling unwell and unfortunately couldn’t join us due to illness. Despite the setback, those of us who were well, making our way to ACWUA to begin our training and working on our project of Wetskills .

The day progressed with a mix of learning and productivity. In between our tasks, we found time for light-hearted breaks, infusing some spontaneous fun into our routine. When lunchtime came around, we got a delicious pizza accompanied by clod cola. Afterward, we dove right back into our projects and continued working diligently until the clock struck 5 PM.

Post-work, we returned to the hotel to relax. In our rooms, we indulged in short, well-deserved naps. Once we reconvened in the lobby to catch up, we encountered an unexpected issue: a majority of our team members were experiencing stomach discomfort and other signs of illness.

Swiftly responding to the situation, a group of us made our way to a nearby pharmacy to procure the necessary medication for our unwell colleagues. The pharmacist confirmed that it was food poisoning and provided us with appropriate remedies.

Back at the hotel, our focus turned to taking care of our sick teammates. We distributed the medication and arranged for nourishing food to be delivered to them. We declared an impromptu state of readiness, ensuring that any medical needs would be promptly met, even late into the night.

As midnight approached, we settled into our beds, our commitment to helping each other unwavering even as we slept. This day’s experiences highlighted the unity and compassion that define our team, showcasing our ability to navigate challenges and remain connected in the face of the unexpected.

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