A typical workday at Wetskills



Wetskills Israel 2017 –  A typical workday at Wetskills

 “Wetskills really is a pressure cooker!”

In the start of the program, when we were focused on meeting everyone and having fun activities, no one was really prepared for how intensive the next couple of days will be. After finding out which case we got and who our group members were, we settled in the different rooms and offices, with notebooks and laptops spread all around the tables ready for work. From this point on, the pressure increased by the hour. After a couple of hours of brainstorming ideas, reading articles and researching no one noticed it already got dark outside and we were out of time. Eager to continue working on our plan, we decided to meet up first thing in the morning to continue. After a couple cups of coffee, the work starts again: We have to find the perfect solution for the case owner, as well as designing a poster, a detailed paper and a stressful pitch, all to be done in less than week! The pressure built up really high, really fast. When the Wetskills program was presented as a “pressure cooker”, we did not think it would be such an accurate description.


We do however, even under the limited period of the program find a little time to “vent” some pressure and have a little fun. At noon the whole group goes to lunch together, and of course we finish the day by traveling a little in Haifa, cooking dinner together, or just having a cold beer in the local pub. We have a great time learning about each other’s culture and having a few laughs together, whilst we regenerate energy for the next, even more intensive workday.


By Guy Moldovan

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