Today was a busy day 



By Lesedi Choshi & Kagiso Mogajane

26-09-22, Day 10: Pre presentations

The deadlines are approaching, all the six teams were under pressure to finish their posters and present their pitch. In the morning every team had to do their pitch for all the teams and the supervisors, the teams were selected randomly. The participants were given an opportunity to Comment on each team’s work, each team had 2 pitchers. All the teams really came through and it looked like there was light at the end of the tunnel.


This was during Team Green’s poster feedback session. 

 The supervisors were also impressed and gave constructive comments on our work. 

Team Yellow had their case study owner visiting them today, Cabriella and Claudia

From Netherlands who flew for WISA conference. There was gift exchange moment for the team and case owners which was heartwarming. 


Team Yellow with their case owners. 

The team owners brought them goodies from Netherlands, and they gifted them with African design bracelets. For the rest of the day the participants had to focus on their work and adjusting and corrections on their posters.


Teams and their members preparing their posters and pitches.