Third day of Wetskills: a day of action plan



Wetskills South Korea 2019 – 

by Sandeep Busakala (Yeungnam University) – 


I tend to wake up early today, after quick shower and tea. I went to Korean Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), Community Lounge at 9:00 am. My teammates (Amber, Dami, and Sanne), Wetskills management and other teams have also arrived there. In the morning we had a brainstorm session regarding action plans of study case assigned us yesterday about, culture: catalyst of the water transition of Friesland. We divided the topics for action plan related to everyone’s interest and close to our educational backgrounds. Afterwards, we worked individually around 2 hours then combined our work and discussed with all team members. Before leaving for lunch we submitted our action plans to Wetskills management at 12 pm. I am fond of food so I tried Chinese Noodles in a Chinese restaurant located near KIST campus at Wolgok station subway.



We came back at 1:00 pm after the one-hour lunch break and continued our discussion regarding our case study. Tasks were defined as, Dami was searching for information on Demographic features, I was studying water management concerns, Amber was reviewing the related education programs to make attractive for all stakeholder while Sanne was working to deal with local and global water issues. Wetskills management reviewed submitted action plans and scheduled discussion with each team starting from 3:00-5: 00 pm. Floor and Inge discussed our action plan with us and highlighted a few areas regarding background, research question, methodology, and research objective to improve our work clarity


After a short break, we continued the literature review and tried to find the best possible solution in our case study. I found some free time to discuss our case with other team members to learn their ideas. So, a work loaded day was ended with new learning and also fun with people around the globe. We said goodbye to each other at 6:00 pm with a good and motivational gesture to continue our task until completion within a defined time period. Then I came back to KIST guesthouse for rest to reenergize myself. After thirty minutes stay at the room I went out for dinner and this time tried fried chicken that was crunchy and delicious. In last I want to pay my gratitude to team Wetskills who provided me this platform where I got lots of experience from professionals and of course thanking my professor (JUNG Jin Young) and Park Chung Hee School of Policy and Saemaul (PSPS) office from where I started this journey. I hope this connection will be helpful to work as a bridge between Netherland, Korea, and Nepal my home country as well in the future. I have learned a lot from this workshop where theoretical knowledge is first stepping for practical implementation within a short time period efficiently. Moreover, thanks to KIST for providing our best accommodation during this workshop where we feel like a home away from home.

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