The SunGlacier Challenge programme kick-starts



Muscat, Oman – 21 March 2018 – SunGlacier Challenge Day 1

By Marcel Rompelman – Van Hall Larenstein / Windesheim University of Applied Science & Wetskills Foundation

After all preparations, this is the day that finally the SunGlacier programme officially starts.


The two Omani teams and a Dutch team will compete for who will get the most water out of the air (in 48 hours) in the coming days. But of course the teams firstly need to meet each other. With some interactive games the participants started to talk and got acquainted.

But then: the preparations of the competition: As the teams use a trial and error approach, some tweaking of the setup is necessary. The Dutch team was sometimes helping out the Omani teams. All the teams were also getting new ideas from the supervisors Ahmed Al- Busaidi, Ap Verheggen and Marcel Rompelman. After a day of tweaking, changing a bit and trial and error, all three devices work! So we are ready for the coming day when the 48 hour runs will start!


After this, it was time to get to know Old Muscat and the Mutrah Souq. Bringing home some cashmere shawls, herbs and the famous frankinsence is of course obligatory.

Can’t wait to start the devices tomorrow for the 48 hour run. Good luck to all the contestants!


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