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Wetskills Kyrgyzstan  – Day 9 25.10

Dear readers, hope it will be interesting to know how the Wetskills project going in Kyrgyzstan!

Starting from sunny weather, since the early morning all the participants had a good mood, because all the work, which was done before was almost done and submitted. From the beginning of the day some of us were working on posters others worked on their pitch speech, so we really stressed and busy. On the first part most of the focus was to finish the posters quickly and translate it into Russian. As soon as the time was limited until 12 p.m. we really worked hard. Fortunately, all the teams managed to submit their posters on time.

After we had lunch, that was delicious as usual. According to schedule, the next step supposed to be a rehearsal for pitch. Therefore, we had two more hours to practice pitch. Finally, each team performed in front of our organizers Frank and Machtelijn. In view of perfect weather, we decided to present it outside on the fresh air. The change of location really refresh our minds.  Frank and Machtelijn listened to us very carefully and gave nice remarks and feedbacks afterwards. Thus, today was very productive day, most of the assignments on which we worked many days was done, so we stay positive in anticipation of the next day where we will perform our results. Hope, it was not boring to read, thank you for attention.

By Aziz, Solida and Kunduz

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