The lesser days remain the more exciting!



Wetskills Kyrgyzstan – Day 8


Today was pretty much productive day, probably the most productive since the beginning of the training. At least for our group( 4). We finally made up our poster and our pitch is  almost done. We spent all the day in blue room at the Kyrgyz National Agrarian University. We practised our pitch in front of the students which was quite useful because we are going to have our final day in just two days! We are hoping for the successful outcome and looking for fun. Its always fun to spent time with you guys- you are fantastic! The lesser days remain the more its exciting! Today we were given lots of useful tips from Frank and Machtelijn that will help us to better prepare for upcoming quintessense!


By Beksultan Sharipov and Zhamalidin Sadridin uulu

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