The end is near



Copenhagen, Denmark – 25 August 2021 – Wetskills Challenge Day 11

By Richard Marijnissen (Wageningen University & Research)


Today it was finally here, the dreaded deadline. Arriving at 9 o’clock with much to do and a limited time to put al our final thoughts into papers, posters, and pitches. What will the final result be? We’d find out soon enough. And not too long after, at 11:11 the poster was ready and for a moment we took a rest and reflected. No matter the result of the competition, we were a damn good team!

Throughout the  afternoon we were on fire checking our to-do list item after item. The final pitch rehearsal only confirmed what we knew, we were on the right track! By 5 the paper was completed and we were about to leave for dinner at Absalon.

Still final doubts had been creeping in. Is our pitch not too long? Should we cut a few extra lines? A final team meeting was in order and with only a minor change, we are ready for tomorrow! I do not know the outcome, but I will be proud of what we did as a team regardless!

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