The Day it all started…



Wetskills-The Netherlands, 30th of October 2023 (by Zakaria Bashiri – Technical University of Munich)

The day began with us moving to our host for the day, Resilient Delta Initiative, where all the five case studies were presented and we had the opportunity to have a talk with the case owners in the form of a `Speed Dating´. This allowed us to present our queries that we had for our case study and to listen to the perspective of the case owners. Although we had many questions but with every answer that we got, our curiosity grew further, this meant that we had a lot to do and it was time to get busy.


After lunch with our host, we moved to our working location, where we would be having many productive sessions in the upcoming days, it was nostalgic to be in a high school’s classroom after all these years. We settled in our groups and it was time to get work done but to say that we were lost for the first couple of hours would be an understatement. We started digging out literature on port areas in Rotterdam and were focusing on the development of port areas throughout the years. Slowly but surely with the help of the action plan we defined our objectives, assigned roles, expected problems and a rough timeline for all the deliverables. We also used this time to contemplate our designated roles and their relevance to our individual strengths. In addition, we agreed to have an environment of mutual respect, cooperation, and embracing diverse viewpoints within our team.

After a long productive day, we had a well-deserved scrumptious pizza at the  “Very Italian Pizza”, which although with a very catchy name, did not let us down.

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