Thank God It’s Friday



Wetskills South Korea 2019 –

by Jinwoo Kim (Kyungpook National University) – 


Today, we started with a poster and pitch introduction program. From that program, I could know about some technics. We were discussing about the posters looking at 6 sample posters. We shared the idea what is nice or what to fix. Then, we watch the elevator pitch. It was interesting for me because I thought it takes a lot of time to persuade people. But I got to know that the time is no matter and summarizing is important in speech. Moreover, Making pain and concept clearer could helpful for speech. Both of two introduction programs helped me think wider.


After the program, we were going to study by group. I felt all of study time goes too fast. It is my first time that group meeting is held for a week. Sometimes, it was very tired but as I watch other colleagues work hard, I concentrate more. After studying, we had dinner at the lounge and we enjoyed music.




In the evening, we went singing room. Karaoke is Japanese word 🙁
I think every member was expected and excited a lot. I was ashamed at first. At one-point microphone was in front of me and I sang. It was a fun and good time. We enjoyed from K-pop to Disco for 3 hours. Some disco music was interesting because there are Korea version in same beat. It was really tired but happy to have fun.





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