Sunny Sunday!



Copenhagen, Denmark – 22 August 2021 – Wetskills Challenge Day 8

BRenske Nollen (DIJK53)


Sunday is our one day off from the program, but our team had the stressy feeling that we weren’t progressing enough. On Friday we went on a field visit to Sweden, so we got a day behind in producing content. Therefore we took the morning to work on our case. Very nice images and maps were produced, you should really take a look at our poster in a couple of days!


After lunch we took our free time and enjoyed the sunny weather. First we walked to Christiana, a free-city inside the city. There are not really rules or regulations, but it is a community-based organisation. The art was very interesting and the housing and vegetable gardens were nice! Unfortunately we did not so much enjoy the smell of weed, so we continued our journey to Reffen. Reffen is an old harbour terrain, which has been renovated to a hip food truck festival area alongside the water. Naeema shared a typical Indian dish, which tasted delicious! Besides this Indian dish, we enjoyed a lot of food and drinks and Marsha went in for a swim in the harbour. This afternoon with eating, drinking, chilling and enjoying good company, gave us the feeling that we had a whole weekend off.


On our way back to the city we accidently crossed Nyhavn. This is the street with the coloured houses which is shown when you Google Copenhagen. We had some cheap, not that tasty cocktails, but the view was good 😉 After the drinks we went to a very nice pizza place called Frankies. You should really go there!


After an afternoon full of eating and drinking with blisters on our feet, we stumbled back to the hostel and went to bed immediately. The only things missing today were a visit to a park (or preferably 10 for Naeema), cinnamon sticks (for Renske), cinnamon rolls (for Eline) and the singles in Copenhagen speed dating event (for Inge and Marsha). We had a pretty good day 😀


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