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Muscat, Oman – 20 March 2019 – Wetskills Water Challenge Day 5

By Rawabi Al Hajri (A’Sharqiyah University)


When you start to break the shy, and start to make relationship with others, it’s a nice step actually.

In the beginning of the day all groups come with higher power to complete their work. Also I like the way of interchange information between every group. The most thing which caught my attention, every single group change their location. They go outside to the tree and nature. The groups moved from one place to another to allow people to feel refreshed and be able to think differently. This allowed them to come up with other ideas and brainstorm clearly. Suddenly we stopped worked because of lunch break, today we did something slightly different after lunch. We walked to Sultan Qaboos University botanic garden and getting some information about Omani plant, and we were interested. Then we went together to complete the work.

A wonderful thing was that one boy from a group in Wetskills-Oman 2012 visited us and told the groups about his experience.

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