Starting with a day of brilliant sunrise until a stunning sunset



Wetskills-The Netherlands, 3 November 2023 (by Buthina Mohammed Almoqbali, International Maritime College Oman)

I began my lovely day with breakfast alongside my colleagues and later ventured out to see the sunset. The scenery was incredibly breathtaking. Subsequently, I went to Hoge School of Rotterdam via train with my friends to finish our tasks.

Following that, we scheduled a meeting with the members of Waternet company to delve deeper into our case, carefully recording their valuable notes and recommendations. Next, we started in innovation round where we crafted a solution through drawing and also explored the ideas and solutions presented by other case groups.

It was a long and enjoyable day. We finished at 5 o’clock, and when I left school, I saw a magical sunset that amazed me. I naturally love sunsets very much, and I took this successful picture.

I ended my day with a nice dinner with my friends at Wetskills. We chose a Turkish restaurant to taste the famous Netherlands dish, Kapsalon. It is fried potatoes with chicken, cheese and salad. The taste was indescribably delicious. I recommend you try this delicious food!!!

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