Site visit of outlet of STP and dumping site near Pirana



blog Wetskills-India 3 January – by Poojan Patel  (Silver Oak College)

After lunch, at 2.30pm we took uber taxi to go at site. We have two case studies related with the wastewater. Now we know each other name, so we can interact with Dutch people.

We went very near to outlet of STP. We were able to see the color of the wastewater coming from STP. we also got to know how much is it polluted and dangerous to land as well as air. After one hour we went to dumping site in 3 wheeler auto and Dutch people call it tuk tuk because when it starts it sounds like tuk tuk tuk…..

we went to dumping site near by pirana,where domestic solid waste is dumped by AMC ahmedabad municipal corporation and then we took uber taxi again and came back to CEE campus. We took dinner together. We got more time to interact more with Dutch people. We spent some quality time together.

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