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Wetskills Kyrgyzstan

Day 5 – 19.10.

This morning we got up and went to the university. The firstly in the morning what we did was a quick introduction to remember each other’s names. After the game every team started work with their cases . At 11 o’clock Machtelijn and Frank showed us example how we need to presentation our works. We had a lunch at 12:20 ,it was so tasty. After the lunch we continued making our plans for monday. Then Niels Thevs visited us for sharing with his experiences and ideas . We were glad to meet him and get some important information. The day was really serious and productive for each team.

‌by Kymbat and Nargiza

Day 6 – 22.10.

Today we will start at 9:00 o’clock in the KNAU. Students an supervisors were rested and full of energy after the weekend. The divided five teams interviewed water experts. At first, our team went tot he agrarian college to expert Almaz Imanaliev. Thanks to him , we received the necessary information and course for further action.

By 12:00 o’clock at the university a delicious lunch was waiting for us. We enjoyed eating and chatting with each other.

After lunch our team went tot he Sokuluk district village Kun-Tuu. We met with the farmers KasymTalipov and Adilet Seidaliev. We received answers to our questions from them. Find out what problems they have and saw an irrigation system of his village. Farmers mostly grow raspberries. We even tasted raspberries and they where very sweet delicious and ecologically clean.

Today was very helpful. We received a lot of information that will be needed for our presentation and in general for us as future specialists.

By Saltanat Kylychbekova & Tilek Askaraliev & Nuraiym Zhuma Kyzy

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