Ready to go KIWW



Wetskills South Korea 2019 – 

by Seungyeon Lee (Hongik University) –


Today is the day to leave for Daegu to attend the KIWW. We gathered at KIST in the morning to revise the posters and papers for the last time. Once again, I revised the poster, read the paper and added the contents. After that, we went to Seoul Station to go to Daegu. It was already 6 p.m. in Daegu, which arrived by train for 4 hours. We immediately moved to the hostel to sort out our luggage and finally reviewed our posters and papers.



Also, don’t release the tension until it’s over. When we submitted the poster, we resized the layers with 15 minutes left to resize because it didn’t fit. Helen and I have succeeded in correcting and submitting it, holding our minds together in order to be quick and accurate!



Finally, in recent weeks, everything we care about has been over! I felt relieved.
Then we went to dinner. I ate pork named samgyeopsal for dinner and it was good because everyone could have fun and delicious time. To bind together, we drank a lot, a lot; it also seemed like a good memory to never experience again.

I still have 3 days left to do my skill schedule, but I’m so happy that I’ve had a lot of experiences over the past time and I’ve been able to talk a lot with good friends! It was good to participate.


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