Please don’t feed the pigeons!



blog Wetskills-UK 2 April – by Jesse Heiden (Rotterdam University)

After a very, very hard night with a lot of bad dreams about hot peppers, thanks Joy, and a little bit of a weird feeling in my own underground the fourth day of Wetskills finally arrived.

I had waited for this moment for my entire life and now it’s time. I could finally write my contribution to the blog. The day started early for me because of a very spastic pigeon making random noises, after I had cursed him in seven different languages it was time to start the day with a clean slate.

Team 1, the winning team, agreed to work on our case in the morning so we gathered ourselves in the conference room. With a lot of hard work, we finished the action plan and started working on the data-collection. Even the pigeon was impressed and came back to say ‘well done’ in his own way. Then it was time for lunch and afterwards, for the boys, a football match with a not quite good ending. I was so depressed I even thought of going shopping with the girls instead of listening to the game. Thank goodness, I stayed strong.

In the evening, it was time for a nice dinner at Wagamama’s. The food was really good and I’ll probably get more food there. I could tell a lot more things about today but I’m already at my max of words. So, I’ll finish my blog with two things. First of all, Thanks to everyone for this amazing day! I hope everyone had a great time! And second of all…. Joy…… Vengeance will be mine!

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