Pizza Time after Hard Work!!



Romania – 17  Sept 2021 – Wetskills Challenge day 7 

By Brwa Mohammed Mahmood (University of Miskolc)


As usual we came to University at nearly 9:00 of Morning and the weather was cloudy. The real work started. It’s the end of the first week and we all have to prepare ourselves well for the next week. We are still thinking about a new idea to solve our problem. We have to decide and combine all the ideas and make it into a serious idea. Yesterday was filled with more brainstorming for ideas, on this day we decided which solution is perfect for our case. So we began again with BrainHurricane, we got a new idea for our case, we filled the Canvas Business Model too, it was a really nice and friendly group. It’s always fun to spend time with you guys, you are fantastic.


Today was a really different day because for Lunch at 12:00 we had Pizza Time arranged and paid for by USAMV at the camps and slowly raining started but not much, only a few minutes, it was a really nice gift for all the hard work. We are tired because we are focusing on the topics and releasing new ideas. We spent our time in university and the Innovation round was canceled. That was really helping us to give more time to focus on the case.


After Pizza Time! We came back to work again and at the end we discussed the name of our group and the Logo that we should have. My teammates were busy preparing the poster too. A part of our program is really fun and we enjoyed our day.

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