Pitch day



Wetskills Romania 2017 – May 17th 

“Last day all together”

Woke up, brushed my teeth, got ready for the „Big day”. After I dressed up for the event, I went out in the main hall of our dorms. All of us were very well-dressed. We took the metro to get to the Parliament Building.


Here we are, the pitch day has come!


You could see the emotion and how nervous we were. We went into the room where we were supposed to do our pitching and all the guys who were supposed to present the pitch, were on the stage practicing, including me. I was very nervous!


The presentation starts. Marcel is opening the pitch day and after that the other personalities that were there held a speech. The contest starts, the first team was team number 5 and after that the following teams, 2,4,3 and 1. I was the 4th to do the pitching. Me and my team were standing in front of the jury and I started presenting our case. After 15 seconds, the unexpected became reality: I was standing in front of the jury, my mouth has frozen, I completely blacked out! Then the rescue came from Irene, my teammate. She was whispering to me “Management” and then I recovered myself. I was back on track and finished my pitch just in time! I was a bit embarrassed because I didn’t expect that! I felt sorry for my team because they chose me to represent the case. All the teams did a great job! After the pitching, we went to our posters and answered the questions related to them.


Then, after 30 minutes of break, we went back to the room and we were waiting for the results of the contest. First, Laura presented the awards for the Photo Contest! We did a great job. Three out of four winners were from Wetskills: Stefan, Niels and Joris. Congratulations guys! The emotion strikes again, we are waiting to find the winners!


The winning team, was team number 1. Katerina, Kennard, Luuk and Adriana! They were great! Climate change adaptation is a real challenge! I hope their solution will help tackle this problem! Congratulations colleagues! You delivered great teamwork!

We went to have lunch afterwards. Siebren, Jelle, Joris and I went to the City Center and had some pizza at a restaurant. We had two choices, either we go back to the dorms and meet the others to go for the Embassy where we were supposed to have a reception, or we stay 30 more minutes in the city center and then we take a cab there. We chose the second one.

We found the address of the Dutch Embassy on the internet and apparently it has a subway station 3 minutes away of it. We were already late, we reached the Embassy at 17:15. We went on the 6th floor and Jelle rang to the door. He was speaking dutch with the lady, which I couldn’t understand, but analyzing the face of the Dutch guys, something was up. We were in the wrong place! Actually, we were expected to go to the Ambassador’s Residence and not to the Embassy! How it feels being embarrassed twice in just one day? Ask me.


A very nice lady from the Embassy took us to the Ambassador’s Residence and everything was fine! We were having drinks and talked to important people. Final stop was at the Student Pub near the dorms. We had some drinks(some of us) and talked about these 2 weeks. At about midnight I left with Katerina, Hielke and Joris to the dorms! We hugged Katerina because she was supposed to leave at 4am and then we all went to sleep!

Emotions, new friends, great projects, amazing teamwork, great organization, fun and I can keep going on with that … Thanks guys for these 2 amazing weeks! You can always find a friend in me!



Sergiu Vasilie (Politehnica University of Timisoara)

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