Orange storm



Wetskills-South Korea 2018 – I heard about the ‘’Orange storm” word since World Cup 2006. I was so impressed about NL team at that time because I love orange color as well as the way NL football team did play. However, today, the first time I directly witnessed by my eyes how true orange storm is. NL team won 4 medals for speed skate today in Holland Heineken House, I had a golden chance to join victory celebration.


It was a crazy and amazing night. Everyone in Orange style dances with Dutch music what I do not understand but I can feel the country pride, strength and love in your music, especially in national anthem. Even the celebration party was until 3 AM but no one feels exhausted, just enjoy, enjoy and never get tired.



This is a picture of us (many of the Wetskills group) during the party with smiles. We truly absorbed a part of Dutch culture due to celebration. I saw happiness on the face of my Dutch friends. With our team, at that time we are not foreigners, I am not Vietnamese, finally we are one without any barriers.



On stage is Roel – a famous singer in NL – and a former Olympic gold medal winner in speed skating. They are interviewing Sjinkie Knecht, who won a gold medal that day in shorttrack. They are on the stage but very near us.



I had a precious picture with my Wetskills friends and Guus Hiddink. I already uploaded this one on my facebook making my friends be jealous.


Thank you all for not only giving me the chance to enjoy your Orange style but also to understand your national spirit as well as broaden my horizon.


Huong Nguyen

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