One team, one task



Wetskills Palestinian Territories 2022 – 

by Pepijn van Loon (Waternet) 


Today we had our second workday. Before we could start working it is important to analyse our own team. Through the Belbin team roles we discovered what strengths and potential pitfalls we might face in the coming weeks. The presentation by the Wetskills teams gave us a beautiful riddle that everyone recognizes to some degree.


So… There were four characters in a team.Everybody was asked to do it.Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it.Anybody could have done it.But Nobody did it.Somebody got angry because it was Everybody’s job. Everybody thought that Anybody could do it.Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn’t do it.It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebodywhen actually Nobody blamed Anybody.”


Straight after the discussion on the teamroles it was back to work. Every team went to work on their own Plan of Action. Personally, I could feel the hard work through the whole building. The drive and mentality to win is strong within each team and I am certain that this will lead to positive results in at the end of this week, inshallah.


P.S. Raghad, happy belated birthday! عيد ميلاد سعيد




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