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Wetskills Palestinian Territories 2022 – 

by Ali Alkhateeb (Master student in Water Science Innovations at Palestine Technical University)


My name is Ali, a master student in Water Science Innovations in Tulkarm, I graduated from An-Najah National University in Nablus, my graduation project was in water related issues, so I am looking forward to improve my skills in water sector, specially in finding new water resources.


Wetskills for me is a great chance for improving my knowledge and skills, we have met many experts who gave us very useful information about water sector in Palestine, and the obstacles facing the development of this sector. So finding innovative ways to provide water became a priority, and hopefully participation in Wetskills helps our community and all countries suffering water problems.


Luckily today we finished gathering information and reports related to our case, had a very interesting  day at Palestinian Hydrologists Group and Ma’an, currently we are working on writing the paper, preparing the presentation and poster.


What was special about today that we got to know what other teams have achieved, and what others commented and suggested on our work. Also, pizza was delicious.

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