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3 June by Sandra Malagon and Alexandra Turturica

After a well-deserved rest from the trip we started our day by visiting the Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum in Bucharest. This is a very nice open-air museum which presents the traditional Rumanina village life. Later on we met the rest of the Rumanian colleagues who joined for the bus trip to Nehoui. We embarked on the bus, and one by one felt asleep lulled by the sound of the rain. When we arrived at Nehoiu we stopped at a store to get the necessary supply for a nice evening together.

Because the bus could not go to the green camp, we were picked up by 4×4 cars. After we arrived to the camp, we chose our rooms and left the luggage and went afterwards to another great location where we ate what was called “Varza calita cu ciolan si mamaliga”, of course lots of meat 😊. Next to us we had always the lovely company of dogs and some cats. After the dinner, Marcel had his opening speech, and everybody introduced themselves briefly. Here the Wetskills officially started!

To celebrate this, Wetskills group, together with Catalin the leader of Green Adventure and his team had a drink around the campfire. We listened music, tasted the Romanian beer, and started to make new friends. Tired, at 12 o’clock we all went to sleep thinking of the next day’s adventure…rafting!!

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