Navigating Windmills, Water Challenges, and Cultural Connections



Wetskills-The Netherlands, 2 November 2023 (by Cercel Liviu-Ionut, Faculty of Land Reclamation and Environmental Engineering) 

As my alarm rang at 07:00, the anticipation for the day’s adventure ahead filled me with excitement. I kicked off the morning with my customary routine, laying the foundation for a day of learning and exploration at Wetskills.

Over breakfast, from 07:30 to 08:30, I connected with fellow participants. Sharing a meal is more than just sustenance; it’s a time for conversation, bonding, and gearing up for the day.

The Netherlands greeted us with its signature gusty wind as we headed to Rotterdam Hogeschool, reminding us of the water management challenges this country faces. These challenges, combined with the constant Dutch winds, paint a vivid picture of the importance of sustainable water management.

Upon arriving in our classroom, my team and I were immediately immersed in our case: promoting spate irrigation. This is where the real fun began. We brainstormed and explored ideas, turning the case into a fascinating puzzle to solve.

To guide us on our journey, the Wetskills-NL supervisors presented insights on creating compelling pitch presentations and posters. Their guidance pushed our creativity to new heights and illuminated our path.

The highlight of the morning was our meeting with the case owner. For a full hour, we discussed the intricacies of spate irrigation, the work completed thus far, and our plans moving forward. This interactive session was not just educational but also motivating.

Lunchtime was a well-earned break. It was our opportunity to recharge and share stories with my newfound global friends. Energy restored, we got back to refining our projects. By the day’s end, we had a draft paper in our hands and the optimism to carry us forward.

Around 15:30, we returned to our hostel. After a quick shower, I engaged in a delightful conversation with my roommate from Nigeria, Musadiq. It’s fascinating how friendships grow at Wetskills.

At 17:00, the fun continued as we gathered at “De Gele Kanarie.”, a wonderful bar in the center of Rotterdam. This was a delightful social experience that transcended borders. We shared drinks, played chess, exchanged stories, and made cherished memories. It’s these interactions that make Wetskills so unique.

Our day ended with a 19:00 dinner, and afterward, my girlfriend and I took a leisurely stroll through the enchanting streets of Rotterdam. This was a moment to absorb the local culture and breathe in the Dutch vibes.

Finally, back at the Stayokay hostel, we continued our conversations with our newly formed global friends. We shared thoughts, dreams, and inspirations, recognizing that it’s the people we meet and connect with that make Wetskills an unforgettable journey.

My day at was nothing short of spectacular. It was filled with learning, bonding, and adventures in water management, all set against the backdrop of a city characterized by its iconic windmills. As I look forward to the days ahead, I’m grateful for the opportunities, memories, and experiences I’ve already gained at Wetskills.


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