Life in Sirajganj Day 2



by Tamanna Akter


So far, Sirajganj has never failed to amaze team Wetskills. The hide and seek between sun and rain helped us to capture the perfect nature of rainy season in Bangladesh. In Day 1, the whole team visited the sites together, in the next they each group went to visit the site of their convenience. Here we are, team Fixzles could not be happier to understand the city, the people and the environment. So we took a local transport and tried to get acquainted with the local people.

Fig1. How simple life is in Sirajganj


The first impression of Sirajganj was people are very generous! Our first destination was the China Embankment, we decided to talk to people living near the river. I was little nervous how people will react when I will talk about a very sensitive issue. I was surprised to find the spontaneous participation of people in the conversation.

Figure 4: Courtesy of local people, the massive embankment


Figure 2: Man trying to catch a fish with his little basket

Then we went to the hard point of Sirajganj. Hence, we found some very nice fishermen. They talked about the hurdles they face every single day. They are simple and vulnerable at the same time. The river Jamuna and these people made us think of how comfortable life we are blessed with.

Figure 3: Flood, a blessing or curse?

River Jamuna is a blessing and also a curse. When the flood comes, they just watch their fate being washed away along with everything they own. We have felt it in one day of our life those people are living with it in their lifetime.

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