Last day before the finals!



Wetskills-South Korea 2018 – A different day today, no stress, no hard work. Instead, we went to Gangneung for the Olympics!


Around noon we met the Dutch case owners and went in the bus altogether. The first and second pitchers had the chance to practice their pitches even more. After a 3,5-hour bus drive, we arrived in Gangneung at the Holland House. We changed in our orange clothes and were ready to enter the Holland House. We were almost the first visitors, the Holland House was still quite empty. However, the first beers and “bitterballen” were consumed. The first “bitterbal” ever for most Korean participants!




Because the opening ceremony was beginning at 8 o’clock, we wandered around Gangneug. Gangneung has a beautiful beach and is famous for its fish restaurants, so enough to see. We walked along the Fire Festival, an art festival during the Olympics with large wooden sculptures. And took pictures with the famous Olympic rings!



At 8 o’clock everyone was back in the Holland House to watch the opening ceremony. Surprisingly, many different nationalities were represented in the Holland House.


Immediately after the end of the opening ceremony, the party started. Everyone was dancing very enthusiast. Unfortunately, we had to leave the party at 11. We had to be fresh for the finals on Saturday!



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