It’s the 17th of September 2022, The Arrival Day of the Wetskills Participants!!!



2022 Wetskills South Africa (offline)

By Zintle Pretty Mbeka (South Africa)


The excitement I had…I have been waiting for this day since the day I got the acceptance letter. I have always participated online and and I have been longing to do a Wetskills event offline and I cannot believe we are here today.


Everyone arrived at the the Rodeplaat Training Centre between 13pm – 15pm. We all sat at Charlet Number 4 and introduced ourselves. I saw familiar faces and I met new people. That was very exciting. Everyone was happy, excited and looking forward to participating in the event. 


We were all then showed our rooms and also got to meet our roommates. My roomate for the next 14 days is Scholvinck Odilia (Netherlands). She is fun, sweet and turns out we have the same personality and we also kinda like the same things.


After putting things in our rooms, we then sat outside and started with the Braai. The Roodeplaat stuff then helped us to prepare. We had long chats amongst ourselves, getting to know each other and the area we come from. We also spoke about our professions and what it means to be part of the Wetskills programme. 


In the picture, Our Braai Masters, from left to right [Ayanda (South Africa), Hannes (Netherlands) & Wesley (South Africa)

After everyone has eaten, we then went back inside the house and sat in the lounge. We started playing a game called “Heads Up”. We formed three different groups. It was such a fun game, everyone was laughing. Until we all had to go and sleep. It was not easy as we still wanted to sit together but we needed to rest so that we can be fresh for a mine tour the next day.


We had so much fun!!!  

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