It’s finals day!



Wetskills South Korea 2019 – 

by Pleun Weijers (Waterschap Limburg) – 


Time flies when thinking out-of-the-box! Today was the last day of our program, which we spent at the Korea International Water Week 2019 in Daegu to present the case studies we have been working on for the past two weeks. We had a very early start and a hasty breakfast, but we were all excited to pitch our solutions.


We arrived at the conference in the morning, where we had time for some badly needed coffee and a last round of practice (repetition is key to success, right Berkay?). Having displayed our posters, we sat down in the room where the Wetskills presentations were to take place.


After some words of welcome and a lovely surprise video about our adventures so far, it was finally up to us. In front of a big audience, we delivered our pitches and answered questions from the jury. Looking back at where we started, it was great to see how much each team has achieved in such a short amount of time!




Once the finals were over, we left the conference for a great lunch at a Korean restaurant. As all work was done, everyone felt relaxed and was enjoying each other’s company one last time. Of course, we ate way too much food, but luckily Roel brought enough coins of 100 won to pay for the entire group.



At the official KIWW closing ceremony, which started in the afternoon, the winning team was announced. Congrats to Sandeep, Amber, Dami and Sanne, you did great! It was really cool to see your surprised faces on the big screen, you truly deserved to win 😊


When the ceremony came to an end, it was time to wrap up Wetskills South Korea 2019! Whether it was due to stress, good memories, exhaustion or the soju we had during lunch, tears were abundant during the final goodbye moment. Upon receiving our certificates, I think we all felt relieved everything had gone well, but it was hard to say goodbye to so many new friends.


Countless hugs and gift exchanges later, we headed towards Dongdaegu Station to part ways. With typhoon Lingling approaching, I hope everyone stays safe and dry while making their way home. I am sure we will see each other again, however. Let’s organize that first edition of Soju Think You Can Dance soon!


고마워 곧 보자!


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