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Wetskills Palestinian Territories 2022 –

by Jesse Frunt (TU Delft) 


This morning, we had a slow start with a 20 minute delay. Today, we are working at the Palestinian Water Authority (PWA) which is located here in Ramallah. Inge kicked the day off with a presentation about the Pitch & Poster. She warned us at the beginning of her presentation: the more questions, the longer it is going to take. So with this group, I knew enough… Approaching the end of the first presentation, about the poster, Inge showed us some examples from our predecessors of Wetskills. We got super critical and we have set the bar very high for ourselves.



After a well-deserved coffee break, Inge was about to start her second presentation about the pitch when Dr. Subhi Samhan walked into the room and claimed his time. He spoke to us about how to properly pitch our ideas and to make best use of the little 120 seconds we got for this. When Inge finally was about to present her first slide, Ayman (ofcourse, who else?) opened his fire of questions. In the end, the presentations took the first two hours of the day.



After this we started working on our challenges, each in their own office and spread throughout the whole office. Around 13:00 we enjoyed lunch which was a juicy, classic burger today! By the way, every day the lunch is so well organized so thanks for that organisation! The afternoon we also spend working on our cases. Because we were guests at the PWA, there was the opportunity to discuss our solutions with experts in the field. And we scouted a new teammate named Lor!



I spend the evening in Rawabi together with Pepijn. The rap trio called RAM gave a free concert. For a minute, we felt like locals going crazy on their Arabic rap music. It was amazing!

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