I wish I could be better than yesterday



Wetskills South Korea 2019 – 

by Hyojeong Lee (Hongik University) –


There was a team announcement today. I wondered what case I was going to study, but I was so nervous about having to team up with new people. I was worried a lot at first, but fortunately, all of our members were active and cared for me, who was not used to speaking in English, so I was able to adjust gradually over time.


After Team Announcement, we got together by team for the first Brainstorm time. Our group’s case was ‘Water supply for Mekong River Delta in Vietnam.’ Actually this case was the case that I wrote as the number one. It was lucky for our group to hear about the current situation in Vietnam directly with the advice of case owner during speed dating time.


We had time to talk with the experts on Speed dating time, and we were only given 10 minutes to talk to the experts. In fact, I thought we had enough time at first, but 10 minutes was really short when we talked and asked for advice. It was impressive to see them ask questions with enthusiasm and the experts give various advices accordingly. It was so impressive that I thought, “Where should I hide the bell so that it won’t ring every 10 minutes?”


What was a bit disappointing was that I was too busy trying to understand the topic and listen to the team members, so I couldn’t talk to them or come up with many ideas. From tomorrow, I hope to be a little more active than today.


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