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blog Wetskills-India 5 January – by Manish Vadanere (Habitat Management, CEPT Univeristy Ahmedabad)

Wetskills has  began and we have been brainstormed about our cases, my group has received case of developing flood resilience in the city where we have found that the floating pumps by E-tech can play an important role.

And just by the end of the day we have witnessed five seminars by experts of water industries who have been working day in and day out with the water problems. By now – me and my group (Coon, Abhishek, Bjourn) have well understood that to solve our case we really need an out of box solution which should integrate technology to people for sustenance.

Most interesting event of the day was with Rick & Machtelijn where they had conducted a workshop on Posters & Pitch for making our posters more visually appealing with an effective pitching style. So to conclude, learning was throughout the day with fun and I wish, I had one more hour in the day to spend with my new friends so that I could learn more about their culture & language and also show them around our culture and traditions. I am trying to embrace each second of the Wetskills event into my Life as every activity we do here are unique memories which I know every one of us will miss after the event.

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