I can’t believe it’s already the last night!



Wetskills South Korea 2019 – 

by Hyeonmin Lee (Seoul National University) – 


In the morning, we attended to World Water Cities Forum. Before it starts, we watched sand-art performance. I think it’s 3rd time we all watched some kinds of performance. I don’t know that we Korean love performances that much. Next, we heard about the water problem each city has faced now (I don’t know the exact number of cities), and it was quite interesting that every city has different problem and different point of view.









As I’m first pitcher, I went to entrance 2 and all first pitcher and back-up pitcher gathered there to practice. I practiced with GyuTae again and again. Even though I had practiced it more than 20 times, I made some mistakes. So, I talked to myself, “stay nervous”. Because as Inge and Roel always says, “feeling nervous is good thing”.


And I gave a pitch to Inge and Floor. Though it was not ‘perfect’, I feel satisfied with my pitch and proud of myself. Keeping in mind the advices Inge and Floor said to me, I will make my pitch PERFECT! At the same time, I feel thankful for my teammates for giving me the chance to give a pitch for the first time in my life. It’s fabulous experience that I never had before.



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