Why did I apply for Wetskills-South Korea?



Wetskills-South Korea 2018 – Before, I didn’t have many chances to use the things I learned in university for I am still a bachelor student and our faculty’s study field is too broad. After 4 years of studying and studying, I was sick of just studying in a room and only reading books! Then I got to know Wetskills program which looks interesting. I thought it would be the best chance for me to use all I have learned before my graduation and decided to join this program. There are few more reasons that helped me to make  up my mind. I was fascinated by the schedule of going to PyeongChang for our final. It will be the first time for me to visit an Olympic city! And most of all, I feel really close to Dutch people and Netherlands for I lived in Netherlands as an exchange student which was the best experience I ever had in my whole life. The chance of experience working with them was also very attractive for me.


There are several things I expect from Wetskills. First was to experience studying and working with the real cases. For we have our own case owners who have real pain in their work, we can realize the problems in real cases and help them by giving them unique ideas! And I really wanted to improve my communication skills in English during teamwork. Last of all, I can’t miss the networking part. Networking with many young water talents will be amazing! And even with many experts who are helping us. I can’t wait for this!! For it may be their first visit in Korea, I am ready to introduce Seoul to them also.


I hope everyone has safe flight to Korea and… See you soon!


Wonjung Chung

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