Hide and Seek!



Wetskills South Korea 2022-

Hyojin So (Jin), Sejong University


All the teams have been gathering and discussing in the morning! We started the discussion this morning, to divide our work. Jen, Ligaya, and I contacted the expert we met yesterday. Chandra, Ale, and Robin did brainstorm for our innovative ideas. Ligaya, Jen, and I thought about what questions to ask through the discussion. After that, I sent an interview request email to the expert I met yesterday. I called to Dr.Song with Jen, and he pointed out what our team was missing. I felt a lot of need to revise our project according to his advice.


Today was a Communication skills training day. But I had to go to the dentist, so I couldn’t participate together. So I asked Dongmin What did you do. She said she heard about how to make a poster and how to pitch. In Korea, there are few opportunities to pitch in English. I can’t wait to see who will show a great pitch.


The dinner menu I had was soft tofu ramyeon. Boil ramyeon, add soft tofu, and add some pepper and eggs to complete a very delicious food. In Korea, it is popular to eat spicy ramyeon and soft tofu together. Soft tofu ramyeon is similar to Korean food, Sundubu(soft tofu)-jjigae(stew). I would recommend eating soft tofu stew to participants who eat spicy food well.
(Korean ramen is not called ramen, but ramyeon. Ramen and ramyeon are different foods!)


Hide and seek in Seoul! We got coordinates from Floor and Charlie and went to locate them though Google maps. My team, Team 2, took creative photos from six locations. Our team members are really like an idea bank. We took pictures in various poses, including a pose of Romeo and Juliet, a pose of Korea’s unique, and a pose of a copied sculpture. I didn’t usually think of this creative idea, so I was inspired a lot by the team members of team 2. Team 2, thank you always!


 As a result of Hide and Seek, team 1 came in third, team 2 came in second, and team 3 came in first. We arrived similar to team 3, but we came in second unfortunately because we found the wrong location.
Anyway, everyone gathered at the bar and drank beer. We talked for three hours or more. I talked about  K-pop with Ratna who couldn’t talk a lot because we are different teams. I also talked a lot with other friends about English pronunciation, Korean culture, etc.
After having so much fun, I fell asleep right away at home because I was so tired. Hahaha.

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