Happy Tears and Wetskills



Wetskills South Korea 2019 – 

by Berkay Umut Yesildagli (Korea Institute of Science and Technology) 


Wetskills is a journey. A psychical test which requires you to wake up every day and work for hours on topics that you have no idea about with people you just met. They can be Dutch people, straight forward and continuing. You will have Korean people too in your team. They will go under the radar and suddenly bring up amazing information. Wetskills will be a mental journey as well. You will be getting tested by other people’s perception, their ideas, hardships of teamwork. You will be annoyed so much sometimes that you won’t notice other people will be annoyed by you as well.


But you will keep going. You will wake up every morning and you will find yourself in a passionate worry. You will be having fun every time you find something that will help your case. You won’t take anything easy. You will put your heart and sweat. You will cut down your lunch time to work more. Not because someone tells you to. Because you want to.


Meeting with an expert (on the left)

I can’t promise on any of those above, but I can say that I had this experience. I loved every second of my Wetskills experience. Of course, I hesitated in the beginning. Will it be worth spending my student salary? What about my time? It’s important too. For that I can say after finishing 2 weeks of this tight schedule, I can assure you that my perception of world is on a different level. Charlie, Hyojoeng and Wenne, my team mates, brought such a unique energy to my life. We had synched and improved each other so well.





Last day’s celebration lunch in Daegu City

From the meeting dinner to kickoffs and introductions… From team announcements to meetings with experts… From one deadline to another one… Wetskills teaches a lot. I learnt what is a pitch and how to do it. Supervisors Floor and Inge were making sure that we were having all the fun we needed. When we needed to learn, managing director Johan flew over to Korea and listened to everyone. Pizza nights in the work room, karaoke fun after that, taking our photos when everyone is concentrated well and many other things that will be helping you through out this journey. Listening to other teams, making friends, listening to their stories in field trips are memories to live for.

Wetskills starts curious, continues busy and excited. And it finishes with many tears. We started as a huge crowd and finished it as a family.



Certified Wetskilled people


Families that stay together, slay together

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