Happy Ending



by Kathiya Ali Alaufi


We start our challenge day, the day which summarizes the work for two weeks, by poster and 2 minutes pitch. Wetskills finals is a part of Water technology week 2018 in World Trade Center Leeuwarden (WTC). When we arrived at the WTC, I liked the moment when I see many people from different countries and many posters with our four group posters, because it is a first time in my life I am a participant in a big conference. Each group was very excited about their work so we started taking photos, each group with their poster. I liked working with Amir (Israel), Juanita (Columbia) and Dube (South Africa) because they are helpful and funny people.



Then, we attended the first session about Chinese wastewater treatment and concept plan, prof. Kaijun Wang, Tsinghua University, China. Then, wetskills finals started by a small introduction about the wetskills by Johan Oost and short video summarize wetskills NL 2018. About the video I loved it and I would thanks Peter because he chose Omani song on the video. The last and important part was 4 pitches with questions from the jury. In my team, our pitcher was Amir. He presented in a very attractive way and he summarized our group works in an amazing way.




Until we know the winner team, Omani participants and I took the time to distribute souvenirs and Halwa from Oman to all participants. Finally, Somi wetskills ambassador announces the winner team (Case 2 team).



My team didn’t win in this competition but I win a new experience with new friends from different cultures. This two weeks different from all my life, it is relay hard to me to say goodbye to everyone. Everyone in wetskills NL 2018 printed beautiful thing in my heart. Especially, two persons who help us and without them, this two weeks will not happen in this beautiful way.

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