Getting close to the end, the temperature and pressure rise.



W@tskills South Africa 2021 by

Mashila Phihlela, Lutendo Nemayhola (South Africa),

Tshepang Kgositau (South Africa) and Gerben van Muiswinkel (The Netherlands)


Day 8: Hard work and loosening up in the social

We worked on the feedback we received from the meetings on Thursday. Getting the focus right in the reports and posters proved difficult for some of the groups, but with the help of the supervisors and good discussions all teams got there. The Social meeting lasted 4 hours and we had some good fun over some drinks and our WhatsApp chat exploded with GIF images and stickers. Our friendly, not so friendly, South African supervisor defied the current hot weather conditions of the country during our morning plenary session.


Day 9: From hangovers to being grilled by supervisors

We were guided through our learning process by His Lordship Lindelwa. He was full of energy and showed us how to build a poster in no time. We continued with his first ideas and tried the best at it. This in some cases this proved to have worked out worse than we thought and some raw feedback was shared. Some good discussions took place and the
teams have new direction on how to continue on the road to success.


Meeting starring His Lordship Lindelwa


His Lordship also trained us in the pitching of our ideas. His words were flowing like a river and made us all fall for the solutions he was proposing. Our supervisors helped us out with the final details of our pitches.




Day 10: Well deserved rest (for the lucky) and hard work

It was a free day, but in actual fact it wasn’t as most of the people had to go back and do their final edits on their posters and reports for the final submission on Monday. During breaks some exercise was possible for some of us.
For example, to visit the beautiful city of Delft in the Netherlands by bicycle.

The Oostpoort in Delft, The Netherlands



We look back on two exciting days with lots of progress in our reports, posters and pitches and of course the final presentation. All teams are proud to have come so far in the project and are looking forward to finishing with a blast.

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