From Wetskills to Water World: Aquatech Amsterdam Experience



Wetskills-The Netherlands, 6 November 2023 (by Sina Roozbahani, Kerman Regional Water Company) 

This morning we had our inaugural breakfast at Stayokay Amsterdam Oost—a charming and picturesque hostel. After the breakfast, all the groups dove into their work, as today was the deadline for submitting our final posters. The supervisors were stationed in the lobby, readily available for any questions from the participants.

As we put the finishing touches on our poster, a group of us eagerly ventured to the Aquatech exhibition. Though we faced a few initial entry problems, we eventually made our way inside, ready to immerse ourselves in the world of water innovation. Stepping into the world of water innovation, Aquatech Amsterdam was an eye-opening experience. The exhibition showcased cutting-edge technologies and fostered invaluable connections in the global water industry.

After the exhibition, I returned to the hostel, finding everyone perfecting their posters and papers. Our group also successfully finalized the poster, and then I returned to my room for a focused practice session in preparation for my pitch!

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