From lost to focus



Wetskills Palestinian Territories 2022 – 

by Toqa Qadi ( World Waternet) 


My name is Toqa Qadi; I am Palestinian, I have a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Al-Najah university, I am a junior project leader with World WaterNet company “WWX & BluDeal” in North Hebron, I joined the Wetskills, to communicate with the participants, and because I am working the water sector and this is inspiring for me, as well as I like the challenges.




Monday, August 29, 2022, at 9:00 am, formal dress, the focus is high, in the current stage for the wetskills that we imagine we reached to the innovation, representative PWA start giving us a lot information on water and wastewater sectors, I noticed that some of the winning ideas are simple, so we should be more focus and realistic.

We started, based on teams, to meet the experts PWA to exchange inquiries and thoughts; we were in a race against time because time was limited, we went back to the meeting room, and I saw that all felt lost and confused again!

We realized later that all of the team to agree on the innovation after meeting the expert PWA!

The minister PWA meeting with us, ohh, a great feeling; he praised the importance of women and youth in the community!



Throughout the day, it’s not over, but the end is the inspiration; we visited “UMake” and Flowless company; which I liked very much. “The space of infinite possibilities where change- make inspire, create, and grow.”



Thank you all for making Wetskills inspiring and successful this way.

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