From holiday to an ‘enriching experience’



Muscat, Oman – 19 March 2019 – Wetskills Water Challenge Day 4

By Areej Al Ghaithi (Petroleum Development Oman)


I was on holiday, in a different time zone and I woke up to a message from my boss asking me to join Wetskills Oman 2019. In the beginning I was very confused as to what he meant by Wetskills, so I decided to take a look and do more research after I come back from my holiday. Two weeks later I was at the office applying for the Wetskills program. After going through the website and reading more about Wetskills, I was more intrigued and interested in joining the program.

I joined Wetskills because of multiple reasons:

  1. My company being one of the case owners was very keen for us to join as participants as well
  2. Encouragement from Dr. Ahmed Al Busaidi and his continuous enthusiasm to having us as part of the program (I felt very welcomed by someone I have never met, so I knew that I would feel the same way being part of the Wetskills Oman family J)
  3. I wanted to enhance my skills in problem-solving and working on case studies; and I realized I could do this by being part of Wetskills
  4. I wanted to meet people with different backgrounds and experiences to learn more about how to tackle water-energy-food related issues


After Wetskills I expect to have increased my network and have possibly made a few friends from different parts of the world. Additionally, I would also like to have enhanced and improved my skills in developing solutions to problems related to water, energy, and food. Moreover, I want to be able to improve my skills in transferring my thoughts to the audience in a convincing manner, which I could learn through the pitch training.

Generally, I think that Wetskills will be a very enriching experience in all ways as I will get to learn from many individuals about problems all around the world and the way they are tackled in their societies, which can open doors for us in Oman and allow us to tackle our problems better.

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