Food connecting people



Social activity Wetskills-Romania 2022

By Ana Preda (University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest)


It doesn’t matter where we come from, whether we are vegetarians or not, food has always brought people together.

Today, all the people gathered in my apartment, and even if the reason we gathered was to share traditional recipes of the country we come from, the main attraction was the cats, even though some of us are allergic to cats. After a long way with subway and bus everybody was finally in Buftea, a little city near Bucharest.

Throwback to ‘50 party: The apartment is a really old one, so it was like a museum for Wetskills people.


What did we cook? Stew, some meat, brownies, Kartoffelpuffer, polenta, lemonade, and of course a lot of drinks.











No matter where you are from, sometimes the differences between us bring us closer together!

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