The first day we really needed coffee



Wetskills Israel 2017 –  The first day we really needed coffee

 “Wetskills program brainwashed my mind’”

The third day of wetskills program started with an explanation of the program by Rick Hogeboom and a very nice welcome speech by Prof. Alex Furman from the Technion institute in Haifa! One big surprise, no coffee was available… So we don’t remember that part quite well… But no worries, after a good coffee break we all woke up and had our full attention for the upcoming presentations.

The first case presentation started with “Netafim” Company. Their representative Dekel Segev explained us about their innovative dripper irrigation technologies. He introduced the case about clogging drippers due to organic matter originating from treated wastewater used for irrigation. The second presentation was given by Dr. Bonnie Azoulay from “Mekorot”, the Israeli national water company. This is the case of our group, ‘’The Pretty Ones’’, and we will work on continuous, online, early warning bio-monitoring systems for drinking-water safety. The last presentation of case three was about odor prevention in the municipal sewage system of Tel Aviv… Good luck boys and girls! This was a really nice presentation given by CEO Sharon Keren and CFO Rouska Nikolaev-Zarbova of Mei-Avivim.

After an enriching and educating speed-dating with top experts from the Grand Water Research Institute it was finally time for some great Israeli food: Lunch!!!!!!!!!

Case-owner Mekorot with team ”The Pretty Ones”­­­­­­­­­

The food was delicious and we took much more coffee in order to start functioning again. We started our group brain-hurricane about the problems and challenges of the currently used bio-monitoring systems. We are supposed to come up with an out-of-the-box solution. Every group has to write an action plan with a problem description, work-schedule and uncertainties. The other groups are going for site visit tomorrow, but not us, we will stay at Technion and have a very exciting and productive literature survey.


By Yoni Sharaby and Mark van Oostende


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