Finding Joy in Windy Day Work



Wetskills-The Netherlands, 2 November 2023 (by Shahad Al Yaqoubi, SQU)

Our day began with strong winds and cold weather. Following breakfast at the hostel, we went to the Hoge School of Rotterdam together via train. Upon arriving, we engaged in a virtual meeting with UNESCO, seeking guidance for our studies and taking effective notes.

Later, we gathered in the our room at Hoge school to complete our tasks released to our case study of my team. A presentation on creating posters and pitch followed, outlining essential guidelines.

We then resumed our case study work. By four o’clock, we returned to the hotel. At five, we enjoyed a drinks in cafe near our hostel. We drank hot chocolate, engaging in conversations with fellow program participants, and indulging in a lively card game.

This pleasant interlude was followed by a group photo session near the café.

Afterward, we headed back to the hostel for dinner, where we continued our games and conversations.




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