Final day!!



Copenhagen, Denmark – 26 August 2021 – Wetskills Challenge Day 12

By Francisca Sousa Braga (Aalborg University & Porto University)


The DAY that everyone wanted to arrive to be able to show their work but at the same time the day that no one wanted in the calendar because that meant that Wetskills Denmark was going to come to an end.


We start the day the best way possible with a keynote session about resilient cities and climate adaptation and then afterwards the moment that all of us were waiting for…the Wetskills Final!! It was great seeing the work of the 3 groups and I have to admit that I’m really proud for what we accomplish in these two weeks of intense work. We worked hard, but we had amazing moments of laugh, fun and some crazy ones as well (right team 3 ;)). Right before lunch there was still time to show our posters in the poster market, where we were able to explain into more detail our solutions to the guests, jury members.


For the afternoon we had a workshop called “an intergenerational dialogue for climate adaptation in urban areas”, where we had a chance in 3 rounds to go deeper in different study case, come up with solutions for another study case and finally implementation of solutions for another study case. It was really interesting this interactive workshop, where all the brains where working at the same time to come with different approaches. After that, the well-deserved boat tour during one hour in the harbor and different canals of Copenhagen. Even the sun shines for us!! (Trust me it is not so often that it happens in Denmark).


For end the day, we went to the residence of the Dutch ambassador where we had our awarding ceremony. Congratulations to us (team 3) we made it!! But also congratulations to the other teams for the great job! To celebrate Wetskills Denmark after the ceremony we had the chance to go for some beers and have fun one last time before everyone leaves.


See you soon everyone!!


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